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Web Support Ongoing Support Agreement

Agreement Ref:


This Agreement serves to provide Client with a support solution for the maintenance of their (1) website. This support will be provided through a combination of scheduled support, helpdesk support and service calls.


In accordance with this Agreement, Digital Fuel will provide the following services to Client. Website" is defined as the website designed, built and implemented for client by Digital Fuel.

"Technical support" as a response to a support request, refers to verbal and/or written communication, whether by phone or other electronic means, given by Digital Fuel for the purpose of assisting with the needs of authorized representatives of the Client explicitly within the scope of the website design, appearance, function, and use.

"Additional technical support and/or technical service(s)" refers to the technical support and/or technical service(s) provided within a given billing cycle that exceed 6 hours of total technical support and/or technical service(s) previously provided within that billing cycle.

The sum of technical support and/or technical service(s) provided shall not exceed 15 hours each month ( but based on the selected support plan) in exchange for the compensation described in Terms above. Additional technical support and/or technical service will be provided at the rate of $50 / hour. This hourly rate is prorated; e.g., a total of 15 minutes of additional support would cost an additional $12.50.

Technical support and/or technical service(s) is offered during, but not limited to, week days from 10:00am to 6:00pm EST. Technical support and/or technical service(s) may be provided at additional days and times. Technical support and/or Technical services requests may be made at any time.

Support and services described above are offered as an ongoing; self-renewing policy (may be terminated at any time by either party) and will incur the minimum monthly fee of your plan regardless of whether service or support requests were made during a given billing cycle. Availability of service or support may vary. Billing cycles will begin the first of every month.

This Technical Support / Services Policy is valid for one year from the Beginning of the first billing cycle.

I have read and agree to the above


The following processes should be adopted for the logging of support requests.

A. Critical and High priority requests such as systems down or applications inoperable should be logged directly by phone to the Digital Fuel helpdesk quoting the Agreement reference and the nature of the support request.

B. General and Low priority requests such as application enquiries are preferably logged via email or fax to the Digital Fuel helpdesk quoting the Agreement reference and the nature of the support request.

C. Requests are assigned to a Digital Fuel engineer who initiates resolution procedures through the most appropriate method.

D. Once the work is completed to the customer's satisfaction the call is closed.


Where issues are not addressed in a satisfactory manner to Client, the issue should be escalated to the designated Digital Fuel Account Manager for Action. Upon discussion, alternate action will be taken where necessary to ensure prompt resolution.


Termination of this Agreement by either party will be undertaken by means of written notice and subject to a thirty-day notice period.


This Agreement is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Florida.

Clicking that you agree to these terms forms a binding agreement of the Web Support Agreement.